August 5th-12th 2018 &
August 16th-23rd 2018


Photo Credits: Babs Evangelista
(note: all photos were taken at the Welbourne Estate)

Giselle Anguizola is a professional vintage jazz dancer that has studied the cakewalk, black bottom, charleston, breakaway, lindy hop, balboa, shag, and tap. Learning her basics from Josie Say and Catrine Ljunggren in 1998, and studying from influential jazz dancers from past generations, she has dedicated herself to the preservation of vintage dances as a researcher, instructor and performer.

Giselle is co-founder of the line-dances Hot Pockets/Honey Pot, and founder of the first All American Girl Jam, a dance workshop dedicated to women in jazz. Girl Jams began in CA are now seen all over the world (www.girljam.us). She currently lives in New Orleans performing and teaching with the NOLA Jitterbugs. Giselle hopes to spread vintage dances within urban street cultures, expose others to the world of jazz, fasciliate peoples search for their own expression, and add to the endless creation of this beautiful American art form.