August 5th-12th 2018 &
August 16th-23rd 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never played an instrument before, can I attend and learn the basics?

I've always wanted to learn to swing dance, can I attend and learn the basics?

Can I come for just one day or maybe just one class only?
Possibly. It depends on the day and it depends on what you are wanting to focus your learning on. Because we carefully cater our class schedule to the individual needs of our week-long attendees, it makes it hard to have people drop in.  But that doesn't mean you can't.  Just shoot us an email to discuss your needs and we will try our best to accommodate. welbournejazzcamp@gmail.com

Do I need to bring a partner with me to the dance classes?
Nope!  We rotate partners in class so everyone gets a chance to dance with everyone. Absolutely no partner is needed for any of the dance classes.

I live close to the Welbourne Estate. Can I attend the camp and drive to and from camp everyday?
Yes!  We would love to get more locals attending camp. And it will be less expensive! Pay only the tuition fee and stay in your own bed. What a deal!

I have a teenage son/daughter/friend who wants to attend some of your classes.  Do you allow youths at your camp?
Welbourne Jazz Camp is mostly an adult camp.  However, we are open to possibly accepting a few youths under some stipulations.  For example, they would not be able to sleep on site without their parent or guardian also on site. Please email us to inquire about youth options. welbournejazzcamp@gmail.com

Can I bring my dog?
Possibly. As you may have noticed, we are a dog friendly camp.  However, because of the comfort of the other campers staying on-site, and the close sleeping quarters, only a limited number of dogs will be accepted to camp. Acceptance will depend on the temperament of the animal, the size of the animal, and if we can find you a roommate who is ok sharing a room with not just you but also your dog. Dogs will also go through an application process and owners will be required to pay a small housing fee for their dog. Large sized dogs will not be allowed at camp.

Can I bring my kids?
Kids are welcome on site as long as they are supervised by an adult whose sole purpose is  to take care of them. Its very important that they do not get in the way of Welbourne staff and that they do not disrupt any of the classes. Children are not allowed to stay overnight on site.

Is there internet available?
Nope.  But there is a coffee shop with free internet in town.

Is there cell service?
Don't count on it. There is a house phone in case of emergency.

Are there vegan or vegetarian food options available?
Yes! And we can also accommodate gluten free folks and other dietary restrictions.  Just be sure to mention this on your application.

Is alcohol allowed on-site?
Absolutely!  BYOB.

Is there smoking on-site?
Yes.  People are allowed to smoke freely at camp. We do ask that you do not smoke inside the house, in areas where people are eating, and not during classes.  Any other time is fine.  Also please be respectful and try to throw cigarette butts away in the trash or in an ashtray...not on the ground.

When will I know if I've been accepted?
We will send you a notice not long after your apply. Most likely within a week or two from applying.

When is tuition due?
2 weeks after you are accepted.

What if something comes up and I have to cancel? Do you give refunds?
Because of the size of our camp, we cannot afford to give refunds. In some rare cases, a credit will be given for a future year.

Can I transfer my spot at camp to another person?
No, Bcause we handpick our camp roster, everyone has to go through the application process. And thus, you cannot transfer your spot at camp to someone else unless they have already been accepted by the directors.

Can I volunteer?
This question gets asked A LOT. Unfortunately because of the extremely limited sleeping space, we absolutely cannot accept volunteers.