August 6th-13th 2017 &
August 17th-24th 2017

About Welbourne Jazz Camp   

Welbourne Jazz Camp was created in 2011 by Amy Johnson (swing dancer and mastermind behind The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown) and Ben Polcer (trumpet player, piano player, and master band leader) with the purpose of bridging the gap between the inseparable jazz music and traditional jazz dances.

Inspired by their collaborations with many New Orleans bands (most notably with Meschiya Lake & The Lil Big Horns as well as the Loose Marbles), plus with the influx of swing dancers picking up instruments, Amy and Ben realized that there was a place for a new kind of camp that paired dance education alongside jazz music education.

And thus Welbourne Jazz Camp was born.  They've created an environment where musicians and dancers can study their individual crafts separately as well as collaboratively, offering a more well-rounded view on traditional jazz culture.  The camp utilizes small group class sessions, private instruction, historical presentations, combined music and dance classes, and late night music & dance jams, all in an intimate and laid-back setting.

With a staff of 5 music teachers and 5 dance teachers, there will be roughly 1 staff member for every 3 students giving campers a truly personalized experience.

Instruction is available in ALL SKILL LEVELS from the total beginner to the seasoned professional.

Private lessons with instructors at Welbourne Jazz Camp are free and included in our program.

Only 30 people total will be accepted into camp each week. Two separate weeks available. There is no fee to apply.  The sooner you apply the the better your chance of being accepted!